We had an amazing speaker join us for our Monthly Marketing Summit last week.

Darin Spindler came in from chilly Green Bay, Wisconsin to enlighten nearly 80 San Diego entrepreneurs on how to successfully generate more leads in their business.

He went through example after example of how they’ve applied proven direct response marketing strategies in industry after industry.

It really doesn’t matter what business you are in… this stuff works!

One of my favorites that he covered was all about how to leverage other people’s lists.

Another way to call this is an “endorsement marketing” strategy.

The process for you to think about goes like this:

1. Who is your ideal customer, client or patient?

2. Who already has a relationship with that person but is a non-competitor to you (the ‘endorser’)?

3. What can you offer that individual as an incentive to help their customers, all while introducing them to your product or service?

As an example… Say that you sell and install Solar panels on residential homes (on the top of my mind as I recently had them installed at my home).

Who is your ideal client? Homeowners with disposable income looking to save money.

Who already has a relationship with them? Real estate agents helping people buy new homes.

What could you offer? To your ‘chosen’ residential real estate agents, you could offer them a free ’25 Ways Solar Saves You Money… and Saves the Planet’ booklet that they include with every new home purchase in their New Home Fruit Basket.

Then, inside of that booklet you could offer a free online webinar that talks in more detail about how great solar is and then offers a free Home Energy Audit where they will learn some great ways to save energy, and hear more about how solar may or may not be a good fit.

This can work for nearly any business if you go through those 3 questions.

And the best part?

Getting groups of customers this way is extremely efficient and ends up helping the customer (by giving them valuable information), helping your endorser friend (because they look like they’re providing valuable additional info to their customers), and ends up helping you.

Give this one some thought and strongly consider putting an endorsed marketing program together for your business.


Henry Evans
President, Timezone Marketing
Author, “The Hour A Day Entrepreneur”