You only have until December 31st

If you were at our Monthly Marketing Summit in December, you heard me talk a little about the “Build A Better Business” 2011 Marketing & Money-Making SuperConference happening April 28 – May 1, 2011.

(This is just a few of the 2010 SuperConference attendees from San Diego! We had several more and yes, several women attended as well!)

You MUST come hang out with me and a number of our other San Diego Chapter and MasterMind members at the 2011 GKIC SuperConference. A number of our members are going back for the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time.

If you haven’t been before, it will be the best thing you ever did for your business. And, you get to hang out with me as I help you apply what you hear to your business every day. We will have a debrief time ON SITE to go over what you heard and answer questions.

I will introduce you to some of the top marketers of businesses just like yours in the country. I went to my first one in 2007 and it changed my businesses forever.

AND, I HAVE A SPECIAL BONUS If you register and attend with us you will get to attend an Exclusive FREE “Explode Your Business Growth From Super Conference” debrief and applications session with me and the others who attend when we get back. We will work on many of the ideas you heard and apply them specifically to each of your businesses. This will be worth Tens of thousands of dollars to your business.

NOW, here’s the DEAL! As a Glazer-Kennedy Independent Business Advisor, I have been authorized to make a Special Offer to you of not only a Super- Duper Price, but also FREE access to “The Most Amazing Super-BONUS Day” (a $497 Value).

The BONUS Day is the absolute best reason to go.  You will hear from the most successful GKIC followers and THEY WILL GIVE YOU THEIR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS!  But, you MUST act before December 31st and you MUST use My Registration Form you can download and print-off at SuperConference 2011 Registration Form.  Then, fax it to the number at the bottom of the form (to the GKIC offices).  Make sure to LET ME KNOW when you faxed it!

Otherwise you miss out on MY EXTRAS!

Here’s everything you get at the conference:

KATHY IRELAND: An Amazing ‘From-Scratch’ Business Empire-Builder & Celebrity-Entrepreneur Shares Her Inspiring Story, Success Principles & Best Strategies



LENNY LIEBERMAN: The Behind-Scenes Builder of Multi-Million and Billion Dollar Brands via 20 Years In Direct-Response TV and Gunthy Renker TV Infomercials – with transferable advertising marketing and sales lessons for everybody.

MICHAEL MASTERSON: on The Architecture of Entrepreneurial Success: how to build big and fast… based on building more than a dozen multi-million dollar companies in diverse fields with multi-channel direct marketing.

JOE POLISH: on Seven Fortune-Building Lessons from marketing-legend GARY HALBERT.  (I recently invested in Joe Polish’s Piranha Marketing System and it is AMAZING and VERY effective.  After spending two days with him at a Mastermind Meeting, I am convinced he’s one of the best marketers of our time).

RUSSELL BRUNSON: on Online Marketing/Traffic/Conversion Breakthroughs.  (I recently went to Boise and spent 2 days with Russell and his team.  You’ll hear more about that at our January 18th event starting at 5:00pm!)  You do NOT want to miss Russell’s presentation.




BILL GLAZER -Beefing up your Marketing Tool-Shed!

  • NEWSLETTER MARKETING as Rock-Solid Business Foundation — Get
    More Income Per Customer
  • MORE OUTRAGEOUS-Than-Outrageous Advertising — Stand Out As Never Before!

DAN KENNEDY – on Building a Better Business LIFE

  • ABSOLUTE AUTONOMY BLUEPRINT: the 19 chief factors, skills, strategies and tools required to be able to advertise, market and operate your business entirely to your satisfaction, for fulfillment of your personal goals
  • EXTREME PRODUCTIVITY BLUEPRINT: Multiply Your Personal Value, Multiply Your Income
  • ADVERSITY TO OPPORTUNITY BLUEPRINT: new skills & strategies for these times

HARD HAT ZONE: Expert-Hosted, Small-Group Roundtables – get your questions addressed

LIMITED EDITION SPECIAL SOUVENIR HARD HAT with No BS and SuperConference logos gifted to those who register before December 31st – very cool!

FREE: YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR WORKSHOP for your sons and daughters (ages 10 to 18) …with the team of Simmons, Moodie & Duff back by popular demand, plus NEW: closed door Q/A with Dan Kennedy (No Adults Allowed)

EXPLOSIVE IDEAS ZONE: BONUS DAY* ‘GREATEST MARKETING SHOWCASE ON EARTH’ with Competition for Marketer of the Year plus 11 additional categories. You can compete or just back your big truck up to load up on current examples of industrial-strength marketing campaigns from businesses just like yours all over the country!  (LIKE I SAID, I WOULD TRAVEL ANY DISTANCE FOR THIS DAY BY ITSELF… IT IS INVALUABLE!)

*Separate registration required (but you CAN get it at no cost by using the attached form by December 31st)

SO, take advantage of this awesome offer TODAY.


This event is so good, GKIC will refund your money and pay for airfare and hotel if you don’t believe this is the best conference you have ever attended.

But be sure you use the form at this link SuperConference 2011 Registration Form so you will get the BONUS DAY AT NO COST!!!

If you would like to talk with me in more detail about this, FAX IN YOUR FORM TODAY and then EMAIL or call me in early 2011 and I’ll answer all of your questions.  That way, you LOCK IN the savings but can still easily cancel if you choose to not attend.

I will see you there!

Yours in Success,

Henry Evans
Timezone Marketing