Some success stories from those who have been involved with The Hour A Day Entrepreneur, Get Clear Marketing, and our Business Training…

While going through your program, I realized our marketing funnel had a leak. It was such a simple thing to fix (that I’m almost embarrassed it took your group for me to see it.) I’m sure we would have never “found” this if it wasn’t for our 4 1/2 day-old membership. 4 1/2 days! We’re giddy with excitement because of the value.

Mark Filardi

President, Championship Footballs

Since joining, I have raised my prices, wasted less time speaking to unqualified prospects, and have improved my marketing systems to create the lifestyle that I enjoy.

Winston Widdes

Entrepreneur, Level 3 Records

Does it work? My company has been able to grow significantly during the recession as well as the weak economy that’s followed. We’ve managed to increase our margins as well as grow total sales another 37%. And most recently, we’ve grown our number of locations from 6 to 12 and now to over 40 locations nation-wide. We wouldn’t be experiencing this rapid growth without the things I’ve learned from Henry.

Matt Hedman

Founder, The Perfect Workout

Thank you again Henry, for the great idea regarding the iPAD giveaway and assistance in helping me achieve my goals. Anyone who is looking for a lifeline to help their business, or grow it even more needs to come check out your Marketing Summits and read your book.
Brad Brinkman

Owner, Brad Brinkman Real Estate

Henry has a natural genius for all-things business, marketing and moolah-making! He also has a very rare gift for truly seeing our GREATEST selves and BIGGEST possibilities – the priceless trait of a truly great mentor. Plus, his enthusiasm is infectious…

Stephanie McWilliams

CEO, Join The Unstoppables

When I started, I was selling my life-changing online marriage counseling system for $100 and just learning how to market online. I sold $4K worth of product in my first year. Through Henry’s coaching, I quickly grew my business to $108,050 the second year, the third year I topped $360,000 in revenue. Now I’m on a 7 figure run rate for this year!
I can’t recommend Henry enough. I like to say he’s a gift to the planet, he makes that much of a difference.

Amy Barnhart


Henry Evans truly understands what it is to be an entrepreneur. Working with Henry and the Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy, the return on investment has at least been ten fold.

Christine McDannell

CEO, Eco Chateau Spa

Thanks for the challenge Henry! I have 15 more customers in the last 30 days, and I am converting at about 80% of my calls which is much more than usual. It is awesome! I will tell you more at our next meeting. God bless!

Nick Sidon

CEO, Nick's Dryer Vent Cleaning

Henry Evans is a very powerful business coach. He knows so much about online marketing, but also about list building, business building in general, how to navigate partnerships, and how to be a successful entrepreneur. He has the right mindset and attitude and teaches people by example. Moreover,  I’ve always felt his support and encouragement. Count yourself as super fortunate if you have the opportunity to work with him.
Margaret Smith, PhD, CFP

Certified Integral Coach, Author, Money: From Fear to Love

Henry is a genius at helping you to recognize exactly what you need to do to break out of the rat race and gain financial and lifestyle freedom.

Ryan Chapman

Founder, FixYourFunnel

Whether you are successful or in a rut, you NEED to engage with Henry PERIOD. His group and the ideas are PRICELESS.

Amir Karkouti

Owner, Surf Brothers Teriyaki

My business has completely changed. By following these direct response marketing principles, I’m able to work with my ideal clients to fulfill their dreams with custom jewelry and it’s allowed me to take more time off to spend with family. I’ve already had my first 6 figure revenue month this year – I’m living proof that these principles really work!



Vanessa Nicole

Owner, Vanessa Nicole Jewels