Thank you for registering for our next Monthly Marketing Summit!

You may be wondering, what exactly do you do during these monthly marketing summits?

First off, these meetings are designed with you in mind. Why? I’ve been in your shoes! I attend meetings myself. And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you just can’t stand going to meetings that aren’t fast-paced and don’t stick to the agenda. So guess what? We move fast and we have an agenda every single meeting.

You probably also dislike networking meetings where everybody is selling products – where nobody has a real business, and everyone is passing out their business cards.

In our meetings, I only allow real business owners, and you don’t pass around business cards. Our meeting is first and foremost a marketing strategy meeting that gives you proven techniques. A lot of good networking does go on and we encourage it.

The meeting is not about me. It’s about you and helping your business get from where you are to the next level using proven, direct response marketing strategies. We only will go through techniques and strategies that work in the real the world for real businesses.

See You There!

Henry Evans
President, Timezone Marketing