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Learn The Ultimate Secret To Connecting & Profiting With Your Customers


Guess what…
If you aren’t having a conversation with your customers, you’re leaving your business to chance…
If you aren’t having a conversation with your customers, they’re more likely to look at competitors…
And if you aren’t having a conversation with your customers, you’re not making nearly as much as you can and should be…
In March we’re bringing the world’s expert on conversing with customers for
profit to San Diego to entertain and enlighten us at our Monthly Marketing
Jeanne Hurlbert, Ph.D. is an expert who has worked with the Tony Robbins
companies, Mike Koenigs from Traffic Geyser, Ali Brown International and
literally dozens of other businesses, big and small.
She has an amazing ability to show advanced topics in a way that anyone can
understand any apply to their business… you included!
During this one-time-only, super-special, power-packed session you will
  • The best way to gain your customers trusthint: its NOT what you think it is
  • The surefire technique to create new products all day long that are DEMANDED by your customers and that literally fly off the shelves (if you’ve ever created a product that didn’t sell well, you don’t want to miss this)
  • 3 ways to best survey your list so you can find out what they’re REALLY thinking (don’t try this at home or by doing your own version on SurveyMonkey or you can murder your response rate… and burn out your list)
  • The power of Quizzes to get your prospects and customers excited and engage with you (there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do this… you’ll see which is which during this session)
And, you will also find that:
If you don’t yet have a list, you will learn how to best create a list that loves you, feels connected to you, and WANTS to buy from you.
If you already do have a list, you will learn how to best find out what they want and give it to them… when you implement what you will discover, it can put literally 1000’s more in your pocket in 2011 with JUST A FEW SMALL TWEAKS.
We’re packing in about 3 hours of intensive training all in a 75 minute presentation so come ready to go and with your notepad and pen in hand.
See you there,


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Yours In Success,


Henry Evans

President, Timezone Marketing


Upcoming Dates

March 15th (Tuesday) – REGISTER ABOVE

5-6pm, DCS Internet Marketing Meeting, 6:30-9:00 GKIC Monthly Marketing Summit

Nearly all 2011 Meetings are planned for the 3rd Tuesday of every month for planning purposes.


10 Smart Reasons Why YOU Should Join The GKIC-San Diego Local Chapter:

chk Unleash the power of masterminding and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs giving you the ability to think, test, and grow as much in 1 year as you have in the last 10.

chk Attitude! In the GKIC-San Diego Chapter, you will have the opportunity to see the principles which guide my own business modeled so that you can apply them directly to your business. Plus, we will be sure that you know exactly how to write and recognize “excellent copy that gets RESULTS”.

chk Discover the 5 ways to Maximize Your Productivity get more hours out of your day. Leave work at 1 p.m. having done more than you ever did by leaving work at 5 p.m.

chk Unlock the keys to truly building your business around your life. Make yourself the boss over your business instead of the other way around.

chk Learn how to use PROVEN Magnetic Marketing Techniques to build a steady-stream of customers who are ready, willing, and able to pay you more for the privilege of doing business on YOUR terms.

chk Hear new “Real-World-Tested” business ideas from the group… all being used day-in and day-out in the trenches of the marketplace. I have personally engineered an over $189,000 payday in a 2-hour presentation and we have many extremely successful entrepreneurs in our group. Share in Business Building Principles as well as hear the success of other members.

chk Discover how to quickly and easily leverage the Power of Systems to multiply your business productiveness without adding one employee or more overhead.

chk Experience the power of marketing consultation from the sharpest direct response marketing minds in San Diego. Bring your own ads, sales letters, and marketing plans and have them critiqued by fellow Chapter Members.

chk Learn the secret to never, ever missing a deadline again by tapping into a Proven-System for Accountability and Mentoring.

chk Finally… perhaps the best reason, we are the ONLY GROUP in San Diego to be Officially Certified by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, two of the most highly paid marketing strategists in the world. Each month, we will talk about lessons they are sharing from the front lines which provide a great springboard to your business and personal success.


chk Of course, much, much, more.