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How to Add Profits and Leverage to WHATEVER Business You Are Already in

Learn The Secrets of the Ultimate Business… Information Marketing or Info-Marketing

Regardless of whatever biz you are in, you should be in the info-Marketing Biz. I don’t care if you own a restaurant (like Members Amir & Reza), an auto-repair business (like David Loynd), an online business (like Amy Barnhardt) a professional practice (like Dr. Charles Briscoe’s dental practice).

You should be in the Info-Marketing business!

If you want to significantly increase your income and/or prominance in your industry, then creating an Info-Marketing business is the shortest path to doing that.

What is the Info-Marketing Business?

Its identifying a market… usually the one that you are already in… and providing relevant and important information to it.

It can be an interesting sideline business, retirement business, or a full-time business providing you a 6 figure or 7 figure income.

Even if you never package your information to sell, it clearly separates you from your competition because you are now positioned as the EXPERT instead of the seller of your product or service.

This changes everything.

And here is the best news…

There has never been a better time to get into this business because it is fueled by an ever increasing pressure on people’s time to receive information.

Simple put… People are looking for the experts.

And Info-Marketing makes you the expert.

And if you think this doesn’t apply to you, you are wrong because this applies in virtually ANY market you can possibly think of.

I’ve worked with over a dozen and Bill Glazer has worked with over 500 in every imaginable topic:

gardening, real estate investing, quilting, hypnosis, yoga, fitness, finding a wife or husband, improving your marriage, restaurant owners, dentists, auto-repair, insurance agents, retail shop owners, pest control, magicians and even better sex.

If you can name it, someone is packaging and selling information about it.

Some of the ADVANTAGES of being in the Info-Marketing business include:

  • Replacing manual labor with multiplying and leveraging what you already know * Have a small staff or no staff at all * Very small investment in inventory… or no investment at all if you ship digitally or on-demand * Earn a big income if you desire to * Buyers of your information will always want to buy more * If you want, you can have little or no interaction with your customers * You can get 0 up to 100% of your sales online from anywhere in the world * Provides you and your business with instant crediblity as the expert (this is HUGE) * A huge benefit it that the teacher always learns more than the student so you can dramatically help your own core business in ways you’ve never imagined when you are putting together valuable information (a great example of this is one client of mine who put together 10 free reports and now he has 10 chapters ALREADY DONE for his new book – we just stitch together what he’s already written!) * You can actually help and change people’s lives!

You should be in the Info-Marketing business, either as a money-making add-on to your existing business or as a instant credibility and celebrity booster.

Or even just as a brand-new business where you can earn a healthy income.

This IS a business that everyone should be in.

Remember, I created an entire Info-Marketing business out of thin air… with continuity, when NOBODY else in the industry was doing that. And nobody has done it still to this day!