Welcome to the October Marketing Meeting Livestream!

The live video stream will run on 10/19 from approximately 4:00pm-6:00pm PST.

Note: This is a beta test to see if the internet at the event location will support a Livestream each month for members. No guarantees but if it does, the video will be below :). If not, we apologize in advance but we will post the video in the members area later this week.

On October 19th at 4pm PST, click on the “Play” Button below to start the Livestream.

If you video freezes, please refresh this page and click “Play” again.

Also keep in mind all of the video shown in the Livestream IS being recorded, so if the video drops out, the quality gets bad, or you have any other trouble with the Livestream, we will be posting the full recordings from the event inside of the members area so you won’t miss a thing.

You can chat with us live by entering in your comments and questions below the video.  Please log in to the chat so we can say hi!

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