Hour A Day Entrepreneur 3X Mastermind


What Can You Do Today To Ensure 2013
Is An Amazing Year For You?

 Well, first off is realize that doing the same thing you did last year will get you the same results.

Therefore, you need to do something DIFFERENT now to ensure that this time next year you have…

(1) A BIG Smile,

(2) Overflowing Bank Accounts, and

(3) Tons of Happy Client Testimonials

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. In reading the statistics, it’s disheartening to see the failure rates of small businesses today in the United States:

  • 40% Of New Businesses Fail In Year 1
  • 80% Of New Businesses Close Or Fail In 5 Years
  • 96% (!) Of All New Businesses Have Closed Their Doors Within 10 Years

That leaves you 4% odds to be still here with your business in 10 years from today.

 Not Even Las Vegas Odds Are That Bad.

So how do you make sure you’re in the top 4% that survive?

And then, more importantly, ensure you’re in the top 1% that reap most of the rewards?

Well, it starts by making better decisions and realizing that you will not get there by yourself.

If you ask any successful business owner what their SECRET is, you would discover that almost all of them are involved in Mastermind groups – either formal groups with a leader or informal groups of peers.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, first spoke about the Mastermind Concept many years ago. The original Mastermind groups he spoke about were a big reason for the success of a few entrepreneurs and public figures you might have heard of…

Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, President Woodrow Wilson, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were some of the early Mastermind Members.

The Original “Vagabonds” Mastermind Group – Henry Ford,
Thomas Edison, Warren G. Harding, and Harvey Firestone

A Mastermind group is a group is made up of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who come together to contribute to each others success. It is an unselfish group that is like an accountability group and board of directors all in one.

Being in Masterminds has led to more business growth than any other single thing I’ve ever done because of the real secret of the mastermind is this…

Great minds don’t always think alike.

One of my favorite examples of this is mastermind member Christine McDannell who just started up a new day spa…

“I’ve been in Henry’s mastermind group now for a few years and look forward to getting together each and every month with our group to work ON my business, not just IN my business. It makes a world of difference.

Henry genuinely cares about each and every person who is a part of the mastermind group and as busy as he is, he will always take the time to help you when you need it. He is one of the most organized, dependable and disciplined business owners I know.

The return on investment has been at least ten fold.

Last holiday season they suggested we offer up-sells that accounted for an additional 20% to our bottom line for Adopt-A-Christmas-Tree.

They also suggested I pre-sell $1,250 VIP packages to launch my new wellness spa, Eco Chateau, verses borrowing the money for our build out. Interest-free money is much better! As business owners, we get tunnel vision and really need an outside person looking in and that is exactly what Henry’s Mastermind group is all about.”

— Christine McDannell, President, Eco Chateau Spa and CEO, Adopt-A-Christmas-Tree (Featured On Oprah)

Christine was planning to raise money from investors and give away big chunks of equity. Because of the Mastermind, she gave away ZERO equity and had her future customers fund her new business instead!

Just imagine what it would mean to YOU and YOUR business to meet MONTHLY with a small group of other successful entrepreneurs and have them freely share what they would do to grow YOUR business in an open, honest way. It can make the difference in having a successful business or, especially in this business climate, having no business at all.

“I can already feel the momentum.

The existing members are smart and successful and very welcoming.  I’m thrilled and honored to be included in this group.

They helped me in many ways including how to identify a niche market for my services that I would have never found on my own.

I love the synergy, support and enthusiasm that I got at my very first mastermind meeting.

I’ve been searching for the missing piece to take my business to the next level and have found that missing piece in Henry’s Mastermind group!”

— Toni Fairman, Nutritional Therapist, Biodynamic Wellness

I’ve had the great opportunity to be involved in over six Mastermind Groups and I’ve personally run seven Mastermind Groups including one where the investment to join was 6 figures a year. I can help you regardless of where your business is today and where you want to go.

For 2013 I’ve created a brand-new, national mastermind group specifically designed to help you grow your business whether you’re located in Southern California or elsewhere.

Here are your TOP 7 reasons why this is the best decision you can make to ensure 2013 is an incredible year…

Great Decision – Reason #1

I will personally select only those individuals who will add and bring value to the group. Those members I’ve already selected are successful today and are looking to go to the next level – You will be around other winners who will bring you game up to the next level.


Great Decision – Reason #2

We will be meeting in San Diego three times in 2013 – what better place to meet than somewhere the average temperature is 75 degrees! This is an inspiring, prosperous city and you will get to experience some things in this Mastermind that you’ve never done in any other group before.


Great Decision – Reason #3

We will meet EVERY MONTH – the months we are not meeting in person we will have our meetings online so you get accountability and help each and every month. In order to keep up your momentum throughout the year, I’ve found the monthly meetings are ideal. AND, you will have access to a secure, online forum for when we aren’t meeting so you can have help literally every day next year.


Great Decision – Reason #4

You will receive some 1-on-1 coaching with me. Depending on what level of the mastermind you choose, every member gets some 1-on-1 coaching training me with me (I normally bill my consulting time at $1,000 an hour).

I know how to get the best out of you – you can read some of the stories here to learn more about how I’ve helped many others have incredible break-thrus in their business and how I can do it for you.


Great Decision – Reason #5 

Fun!  We like to have FUN.

I don’t believe in just WORKING hard but in PLAYING hard too – and we will have some great times together as a group. I promise that you will make some lifelong friends in this Mastermind Group – it always happens in every group I’ve been involved with and that’s a great benefit that lasts well beyond our meetings.


Great Decision – Reason #6

Great, value and ROI. These groups MAKE you money, they don’t COST you money.

In fact, I always push my Mastermind Members that they should make back at least a 5 or 10 times return on their investment (ROI) so in reality… a well run Mastermind is BETTER THAN FREE.

One member has made back over 100 times her investment already!

“I’ve had the incredible fortune of being in Henry Evans Mastermind since launching my business in 2010. When I started, I was selling my life-changing online marriage counseling system for $100 and just learning how to market online. I sold $4K worth of product in my first year. Through Henry’s coaching and the support and amazing ideas of the Mastermind, I quickly grew my business to $108K the second year and this year, 2012, I’ve already topped $300K and the year’s not over.

I’m learning how to grow my business as well as grow my skills as a Marketer and an Entrepreneur. Henry and the Mastermind have been a HUGE part of my success. Every time I implement one of the suggestions, I get great learning and make awesome progress. The experience has exceeded my expectations by far. I can’t recommend Henry enough. I like to say he’s a gift to the planet, he makes that much of a difference.”

Amy Barnhart, CEO, StrongMarriageNow.com, Co-Author, “Happily Ever After”


And Great Decision – Reason #7

You have my promise this group will be unique in a special way from any other advisory or Mastermind group you’ve ever been involved with – I’m going to be doing something different during each meeting that you probably haven’t ever experienced before – but I promise it will be fun and help you get faster results.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter where you are today in your business – as long as you are currently moving ahead, we can and will help you get to the next level.

You aren’t alone any more and this is a safe haven to openly share with each other. I always make sure that member interaction is balanced and focused, with no one member taking up too much time.


Listen To These Stories of Transformation…

A few stories from Mastermind Members JUST LIKE YOU below:

“I’ve been in several Mastermind groups over the last couple of years and Imust say Henry’s is the most interactive, proactive group I’ve ever been in. It’s not a group of “the blind leading the blind.” The members are successful business owners looking to grow.

Henry is at the top of his game and not slowing down. Henry and the whole group responds to feedback requests through our membership portal. Everyone makes themselves accessible to one another and it’s a breath of fresh air to be around successful, motivated, giving entrepreneurs.”

Wes Schaeffer, Chief Whispering Officer, The Sales Whisperer®

“Being In Henry’s Mastermind truly keeps one on track and also allows me to SEE what true value I have to offer.

Henry is a rare soul who TRULY cares that each person succeeds.

I am truly grateful, YOU ROCK Henry!”

In Love and Oneness,

Michele Blood, Author, Speaker, Rock Star

“If you are a business owner of any sort and you aren’t in a business mastermind group on a regular basis you are treading unstable and treacherous waters that can and will take you off course leaving you vulnerable to outside circumstances.

Being a part of Henry Evans Mastermind Group gives me the sense that I’m all suited up in a flame resistant race drivers suit, strapped snug and secure in the seat by a five point safety harness while sitting behind the wheel of a 750 horsepower race car able to shift through the gears with finesse and ease while handling every curve and corner with the speed and accuracy needed in order to WIN the BIG race!

I’m netting more money today sitting behind my computer at home in my sweat pants than I ever did putting on a tie and cuff links while having to head into an office for 10 hours a day to treat patients.”

Dr. Brian Beckner



Hour A Day Entrepreneur 2013 Mastermind 2 Options



 As a HDE Gold Mastermind Member, You Experience:

    • *Three* 2-Day LIVE Meetings for masterminding and learning on-site in an amazing environment. You’re welcome to bring 1 partner/spouse/key employee to all meetings for a one-time charge of $995. This includes snacks and lunch each day and dinner at the end of the first day. (Value: $12,500)
    • Nine Monthly Virtual Mastermind Group Calls – hosted by Henry Evans with all recordings available in a secure membership website (Value: $9,000)
    • Three One-On-One Coaching / Q&A phone meetings with Henry Evans, 30 minutes each (plus recordings) (Value: $1,500)
    • Free Tuition to any HDE Chapter Meetings in San Diego or Temecula for the year (Value: $1,164)
    • Complete Access to the Entire “Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy Program”Core Program with online video, audio, workbooks and more covering all the following:
      • Module 1 – Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Finder
      • Module 2 – Successfully Sell and Persuade – Get Prospects To Say “YES”
      • Module 3 – Marketing Mastery – Strategies To Deliver Endless New Prospects
      • Module 4 – Secrets Of Wealth Attraction – Ten Strategies To Attract Money
      • Value: $1,995
    • Access To The “Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy” Advanced Modules:
      • Module 5 – The Perfect Assistant Hiring Program
      • Module 6 – Copywriting and Advertising That Works
      • Module 7 – Productivity Secrets
      • Module 8 – Systems, Management and Automation
      • Module 9 – Faith And Confidence
      • Value: $2,495
    • January Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy JumpStart Program – Step-by-Step Training On Each Of The Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy Core Program Modules Complete With Live Q&A Calls EACH WEEK for 1 Hour Each – January 9, 16, 23 and 30th. (Value: $4,000)
    • Jumpstart Bonus Calls – February 6 and 13th – covering the bonus modules and other member Q&A. (Value: $2,000)
    • Complete online access to the “Magnetic Marketing” online and offline training program (delivered as online video and audio). (Value: $497)
    • Complete online access to select HDE Chapter Meetings from 2012 Including Paul Colligan’s YOUTUBE SECRETS (online audio). (Value: Priceless)
    • Online, Secure Forum for all Mastermind Members to communicate, brainstorm and give each other resources (Value: $2,000)
    • Optional “Buddy Accountability Calls” for staying on track with your marketing plan and implementation schedule (Value: Priceless)
    • Deepest Discounts on BestSanDiegoVideoStudio.com video studio and editing services
    • 3 Copies Of “The Hour A Day Entrepreneur” Signed by Henry Evans (Value: Holy smokes, is it even possible to put a value on this?

Total Value: $37,150.00+

Your Investment: Only $3000 due upon acceptance, plus $595 per month for 12 months starting Jan 2 or one payment of $7,995, a savings of $2,145.

Apply today by emailing support@timezonemarketing.com and asking for an application which will take you just a few minutes. This is viewed only by me and is kept in strict confidence.

We will then schedule a free exploratory phone call consultation where we can talk about your business and if this group is a good fit for you or not.

Please don’t delay as I know this group will fill up quickly and I’m limiting the number of participants to ensure EVERYONE receives elegant ideas and sizzling results.



Platinum Mastermind Membership Includes EVERYTHING in the GOLD MASTERMIND Listed Above PLUS:

    • 30 Minute Monthly Power Private Coaching Calls with Henry (Value: $6,000)
    • Six Hour Strategic Power Coaching Day in San Diego (can be combined with one of our 2 day meetings, based on schedule) – or use the six hours virtually throughout the year (Value: $6,000)
    • Three 10 minute “911 Emergency Coaching Calls or Texts” to be used anytime throughout the year (Value: $500)
    • Be A Featured Guest Expert in Henry’s Hour A Day Entrepreneur Print Newsletter. (Value: Priceless)
    • Be a Featured Guest Expert on Henry’s Hour A Day Entrepreneur TV Show. (Value: Priceless… And FUN!)

Total Real Value: $49,651.00+

Your Investment: Only $3000 due upon acceptance, plus $995 per month for 12 months starting Jan 2 or one payment of $11,995, a savings of $2,945. 

Apply Now – Email support@timezonemarketing.com


Stop taking “baby steps” in growing your business and start making more over the next 12-24 months, with the support of a group of entrepreneurs you will come to call your team and friends. This program will provide you the tools to take decisive action, within a powerful space of unconditional support.

Your Mastermind benefits begin as soon as you join. 
Access to the online resources will begin immediately and all 2013 dates that are tentative below will be finalized before year-end.

All resources and group calls are recorded and will be available for you to access in our secure, online Hour A Day Entrepreneur Mastermind web page.

Live Meeting Schedule TENTATIVE (all meetings in San Diego, California)

  1. MARCH 2013: March 1-2 (Friday and Saturday)
  2. JUNE 2013: May 31-June 1 (Friday and Saturday)
  3. OCT 2013: October 4-5 (Friday and Saturday)

Please realize that this group exists for one reason only – to advance and further the development, success and wealth for you and the other members. One thing you may have noticed is that I really do CARE about people and I care about YOU. I do this because I know I can help and it makes a difference.

“The mastermind has helped me build a better business.  In one instance we rewrote an existing sales letter that has since generated at least $50,000 additional for my business.
There is nothing better than having a group of bright minded business owners working on your business.”

– Josh Grillo, CEO, Getty Advertising


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Should I Join A Mastermind Group?

Because getting outside opinions from like-minded, smart business owners is a sure-fire way to dramatically accelerate your business. Also because Napoleon Hill and some of the most successful minds ever in the history of entrepreneurs wholeheartedly recommend it.

Why Should I Join Henry’s Private National Mastermind Group?

Because of year’s of successful experience in leading Mastermind Groups and participating with some of the best marketing masterminds on the planet including Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Chris Cardell, Mike Koenigs, Joe Polish and Matthew Furey (all of whom I’ve personally worked with and Masterminded with).

Why Is This Important?

I think the late, great Jim Rohn said it best when he said that…

“You are the sum of the five people closest to you.”

It is important to be around other winners and this group assures that for you in 2013!

What happens If I Don’t Join?

Well, only God knows for sure but what you definitely do NOT want to have happen is that you look at your situation this time next year and everything is the same… or worse. Joining a Mastermind Group is, in my opinion, is the single most important decision you can make to ensure you have a stellar 2013.

How will I know if I’m accepted into a group?

You will be notified within 3 days of submitting your application. 

What is my commitment?

The groups are formed for 12 months and when you register you will be signing up for a 12 month term. 

When are the 1 on 1 coaching calls held?

You will schedule your calls with Henry’s assistant as you need/want them. Every opportunity is made to meet your requested day/date.


If you have any other questions, please email support@timezonemarketing.com and we’ll be happy to answer them for you – or call 858-877-3746.

Apply today and I hope to see you in this group so I can help you achieve your dreams in 2013 and beyond!

Yours In Success,

Henry Evans

President, Timezone Marketing
Author, “The Hour A Day Entrepreneur”


“I just went to my first Mastermind meeting last month. I am not usually a “believer” this quickly, but I am a 100% believer! I can see the magic in a small focused group, and the caliber of business owners is A+. I have an instant desire to up my game after just one meeting… this is going to be good!”

Kevin Galligan, CEO, RSVP Publications, Inc.


“The group keeps me focused on marketing, where no other internal meetings keep me committed. I love the basecamp. I have insight from some of the smartest marketers anywhere. You can’t beat that. Henry, thanks for keeping us all focused.”

Sandro Piancone, CEO at Nascent Foodservice and Founder, MexicoSalesMadeEasy.com


I LOOOOOVE Henry’s Mastermind for SO many reasons:

Having access to other driven, talented, generous business owners – each with their own unique areas of expertise – is TOTALLY invaluable!

It helps me to get twice as much done, and take radically bolder leaps than I’d ever take on my own. This group has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for my business.

Over the past year, it’s definitely played a big role in taking my business to 6-figures — and I know will be a huge catalyst for hitting 7-figures (and beyond!)

But the best part of this group is having access to someone as successful, insightful and heartfelt as Henry. He has a natural genius for all-things business, marketing and moolah-making! He also has a very rare gift for truly seeing our GREATEST selves and BIGGEST possibilities – the priceless trait of a truly great mentor. Plus, his enthusiasm is infectious…

Henry also has a knack for attracting great people — those who are not only whip-smart, but also incredibly kind… willing to go above and beyond to support their fellow business comrads. Having access to quality people like this 24-7 is a dream come true…

And FYI: All my colleagues are jealous when I tell them the caliber of smarts found in this group. We’re all so luck to have found a diamond like this — right in our own backyard!!!

So, a million endless thank-you’s to you, Henry, for making all this possible!!!!!!!!!!  : )

Stephanie McWilliams, Former Host from HGTV, Founder of JoinTheUnstoppables.com


“Just wanted to thank you for an incredible coaching call last week. In 30 minutes, you opened my eyes to a strategy that’s amazingly powerful, yet cleverly hidden inside of what we hear and read from the best marketers and world’s most influential people. With your guidance, I now know when the character is designed well, you will never know why, other than you’ll want to keep coming back for more. Such a powerful strategy if you want your message to be heard again and again.

Message delivered…message received!!!”

Greg Lake, CEO, The Lake Companies Inc., lakeco.com


“As the world‘s fastest reader, I meet many outstanding marketers and business advisers.  It is rare for me to offer a testimonial, but I was so impressed with Henry Evans and the quality and quantity of material that he shared during one of his Marketing Summits I attended that I felt compelled to share my wonderful experience.

If you are looking for an outstanding mentor to help bring your business to the next level, I highly recommend Henry Evans.”

Howard Stephen Berg, The Guinesss Book of World Records’  Fastest Reader


“Henry Evans is the real deal.  His transition from traditional corporate guy to entrepreneur has inspired me greatly. I’ve hit my share of stumbling blocks during my personal journey from Top 10 MBA grad/Fortune 500 whiz kid to my own boss.  Henry has been there for me at every turn, and my gratitude to him is beyond words.  He helped me when I wasn‘t sure what next action to take, or where to look for experts and resources, and his suggestions have transformed my businesses. Perhaps more important, he’s helped me with my mind-set.  He a master at pointing out – with encouragement and constructive framing – how I might be getting in the way of my own growth and success. Learn from him, work with him any way you can.  They only make a few like Henry.”

Elizabeth Pitt, Growth Expert, VP Strategy RealAge, Former Associate, McKinsey & Company


P.S. Don’t delay on this – email today if you’re interested – I assure you haven’t experienced a BUSINESS BOOSTING Mastermind like this ever before…