Just finished watching a great video that got to the root of why YOUR New Year’s Resolution probably will NOT work.

You’re probably like most and hoping that you will have some positive changes in the New Year but you’re most likely NOT going to make them happen.

There are many reasons why but there are 2 big ones… and I have an answer as to how you CAN make them happen this year.

Reason #1.  Your WHY isn’t big enough.  You haven’t yet converted whatever your goal is (lose weight, make $5k/$50k/$500k this year, get less stressed, etc.) from a NICE TO HAVE into a MUST HAVE.

This is what Tim Ferris calls your Harajuku Moment.

Tony Robbins calls it reaching threshold.

It’s when you’ve simply HAD ENOUGH.

You know you need to make a change and you’re ready to commit.

You WILL make it happen.

That’s when you know you’ve got a big enough WHY.

Reason #2.  You aren’t getting the right strategies and tactics.  These are the WHAT to do’s and the HOW to do’s.

How will you reach your goal?  This is the plan to make it happen.
OK, those are 2 reasons why you may not reach your goals for 2011.


Here are the 3 ways to make CERTAIN your resolutions happen.
(I’m serious, these work – don’t take ’em lightly!)

1. Turn your Should Do’s into Must Do’s.

Find the reasons to make your WHY’S big, big, and bigger.
Want a hint here?
Make your reasons bigger than just you – what is the bigger purpose for
reaching your goal?  Who else can you help or impact?

2. Get the right strategies and tactics.

My favorite way to do this?
MODEL those who are already successfully achieving the goals you want to
achieve!  Want to lose 10% body fat?  Find someone who already did that and
who is now teaching others how to do it!
Want a HUGE hint on how to make this happen?
Meet regularly with others who are action-taking by coming to EVERY Monthly
Marketing Summit this entire year of 2011!

3. Get ACCOUNTABILITY.  Join a Mastermind Group or an Accountability Group

and have others help, prod, and lift you up to a higher level EVERY month.
Another great thing to do I picked up from Brian Tracy…
Write your goals EACH and EVERY day before you get the day started.

Take all three of these steps in 2011.

Dan Kennedy talks about “simplifying” life at the New Year.

Eliminating certain things.

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