Well March is here. While most of the country is digging out from the snow, we’re having record heat out in Southern California. It is a very green environment out here right now! Then I remember how much my taxes have gone up and I think, oh, I’m paying for all of this nice weather with the California sunshine tax.

One of my favorite holidays this time of year is St. Patrick’s Day. Not only because you get to drink green beer but also because it has one of my favorite colors as its theme, green.

Green is considered the color or peace and ecology. It soothes us and is second only to blue as a favorite color.

But one of the best things about the color green is that it is also the color of MONEY. GREENBACKS.

Having just finished up asking a few dozen people to give money for a charity I am helping made me realize how seriously most people take this entire subject of money. Most people I contacted didn’t donate anything at all or simply didn’t get back to me. To me, it’s not really important how much someone donates, but whether or not they realize how important is is TO DONATE to something like this when you are asked.

The more entrepreneurs I meet – both those who are successful and those who are not successful – seem to fit one of two molds almost without exception.

#1 – Those who are successful genuinely care about and want to help others. And, they are usually exceedingly generous with their time, talent and treasure. Of course I’ve seen a few exceptions but they are very, very few and far between.

#2 – Those who are “cheap” and those who specifically hold tightly onto their money. The thought of Scrooge from A Christmas Carol comes to mind… These people are rarely successful and usually go from one idea to another, always chasing the mighty buck and never seeming to find lasting success.

Success comes from being in a state of relaxed flow. Allowing the psychic forces that repel money away from you to rest and putting money into a category of “freedom provider”. When you think you “must have” money to survive – you actually push it away. And conversely if you want money but won’t give it away to others, then it won’t be magnetically attracted to you.

Speaking of money, during this month’s festivities we are going to be going into the importance of follow-up SYSTEMS. And we’re going to go deep.

You should only attend if you want to make more money without spending a single penny more. Because working on having a systemitized and thorough follow-up system is something that costs virtually nothings but can and will pay you immense financial benefits in the form of more GREENBACKS in your pocket.

San Diego – WED Mar 13 Dinner (www.RegisterSD.com)
Temecula – FRI Mar 15 Lunch (www.TemeculaMeeting.com)
Your Computer! – MON Mar 25 Webinar
(email megan at timezonemarketing.com for Webinar RSVP)

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to see you online or in person later this month. Get out there and make something happen until then!

Yours Truly,

Henry Evans
President, Timezone Marketing
Author, “The Hour A Day Entrepreneur”