Do you know what was done over 1 billion times today?

If you said, “a video was watched on YouTube” … you would be right!

Over 1 billion videos on YouTube alone will be watched today.

Let that sink in for a second…

That means 11,574 views a second, 694,444 videos a minute and 41,666,666 views an hour!

The growth in online video is explosive, and NOW is the time to add this to your marketing mix.


Because online videos actually get watched.

Video is proven as the best online format for people to receive your information, it is actually watched and absorbed.

Not only that but video is incredibly useful because it can generate free traffic (YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google), it can generate leads, and it can generate sales and profits.

In short, its amazing because it really works!

Check out what I mean by visiting the page below and see a few examples for yourself:

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Henry Evans