So we’re actually expecting some rain.


In San Diego!?

Actually we really need the rain since we’re in a severe drought situation right now.

Where I grew up, outside of Niagara Falls, NY, “rain” meant you might not see the sun for days and it would be pouring buckets.

Little different out here in ole ‘Cali…

Most of the time out here rain means some drizzle showers and that’s about it.

We’re hopeful it will be more but won’t be holding our breath.



Making Your Offer Irresistible

Few things can hurt your marketing worse than having un-inspiring or un-motivating offers.

Restaurants trying to grow their lists are notorious for weak offers such as…

Get on our mailing list

Get 10% off your next order

Get a free drink

Get a free appetizer with a regular priced meal


Whoa there, what powerful offers! (sarcasm)

Most of the time it’s…

Nothing exciting.

Nothing interesting.

Until I went to lunch at the Japanese steakhouse chain called Gyu-Kaku recently.

Gyu-Kaku Storefront

They have a difficult name to spell and remember, but their food is outstanding.

And when the waiter brought us the bill.

I saw their bright and colorful opt-in card…

Win A Trip To Japan

Win A Trip To Japan. ($5000 value!)

They clearly spent some time and money on this.

It looked great.

And they had a wonderful and COMPELLING offer front and center on the opt-in card.

Now that is something worth getting excited about.

How might you enhance your opt-in offers?

Maybe doing a contest like Gyu Kaku?

Offering a chance for a trip?

Or to win an iPad?

Re-look at your opt-in offers with a fresh set of eyes with this question in mind…

“How irresistible is this offer to a target prospect?”

Then, make it your MISSION to make this a compelling and irresistible offer.

Time spent working on this question can yield big benefits.


5 Minute Journal

So I am not someone who has been able to journal well.

Good intentions never have kickstarted my journaling habit…

So, I decided to get this great little 5 Minute Journal.

It’s not an app, but rather a physical book that you write in each day.

It’s printed on excellent paper, has a fantastic structure to harness in your writing, and also includes inspiring quotes for each day.

It takes about 2-3 minutes in the morning.

And then about 1-2 minutes in the evening.

Check it out and let me know if you get one.

I’m not perfect in making it a daily habit yet but it’s a dramatic improvement from how much I wrote in my blank journal before.

Enjoy the rest of your week as we march towards summertime and please say a little prayer for rain in San Diego.


Yours In Success,

Henry Evans

Timezone Marketing