Wow was last week a whirlwind!

Three big lessons I got out of the week that I wanted to share with you.

1. Started off the week with one of my Mastermind Group meetings. Incredible break-through’s are being experienced by nearly everyone in that group and it is very inspiring to be a part of it. And, a partnership was formed last week which I think will be huge for both of the members. The big lesson here… do NOT try and do everything yourself! Find others who PLAY at what you don’t want to do is a saying I’ve heard more than once and there is a LOT of truth to it.

2. We had an incredible Monthly Marketing Summit last week and I received more positive comments about this meeting all on copywriting than any other meeting I’ve ever hosted. The big lesson here… realize that we are ALL copywriters – if you open your mouth and talk, then guess what. You’re a copywriter. So, better start discovering more about copywriting.

3. Just got back from Dan Kennedy’s Wealth Attraction event which was life-changing and amazing. Too much to share but grabbing a copy of Dan’s Wealth Attraction Book is a MUST DO. Here’s one big lesson here for you… you need to BE SOMEBODY, in addition to DOING SOMETHING. A quick example… do you think Dr. Phil is really the best therapist out there? Does he really EARN all of the money he gets because of his technical skills? The answer is NO, he earns from WHO he is.

More on that next during our August meeting – stay tuned.

Wishing you every success,

Henry Evans