Remember as a kid when you went on a trip in the car. Remember how loooong it took to get somewhere? Are we there yet? Are we there YET? ARE WE THERE YET??

And now that we’re adults, the time goes by much, much faster than before. The best explanation I’ve heard for this was from a wise man who said that it seems time is going by faster and faster because each year is less and less as a percentage of your life. So a 10-year-old’s year is 10 percent of her life and a 50-year-old’s year is only 2 percent of her life.

Regardless of how you perceive time, you need to make sure to choose wisely with everything you do in life. Spending time on low-value tasks or not enjoying what you’re doing are things you delegate, delete or otherwise put behind you in 2013.

And, speaking of 2013, how is your year going so far? Did January exceed or fall short of your expectations?

I want to help you get a ‘sales boost’ for 2013 during this very short month of February.

During this month’s meeting we are going to go into detail about building trust in your business. Everyone is skeptical these days and nobody believes anything anymore… we’ve all been burned too many times. Think about it, if someone called you today and said you just won a completely free trip to Hawaii for a week with no strings attached, would you believe them right away? Of course not.

Even when someone wants to give you something, we are untrusting. And this is doubly-true in business, especially if someone doesn’t know who you are (which speaks volumes to the power of both testimonials and referrals by the way.)

Whatever your business, focusing on sales and marketing is the highest and best use of your time. Because once you have more than enough business coming in, everything else becomes easier.

So PLEASE make sure you integrate some trust into your marketing and join us this month. I promise it is time very well spent. (NOTE: This meeting has already occured, contact us at to learn about becoming a member and being able to listen to past recordings).

Thank you again for putting your TRUST in me. I don’t take it lightly and I strive to bring you the very best business growth tools and resources each month.

Yours Truly,

Henry Evans