Growing up, this was always my absolute favorite time of the year.

Christmas time, lots of snow where I grew up (Buffalo, New York!) and an entire week of fun.


First Christmas, then my birthday on the 28th, then right into the New Year celebration. I still absolutely love this time of year, although now, summer is a definite favorite. Something about warm temps & long days really appeals to me as I get older!


Last year, I talked about this idea of having a focused destination. Knowing precisely where you want to go, is often times the most important part of goal setting. So, let’s just pretend for a moment that its is now December… 2016 (1 year from today).


What have you accomplished during 2016 to help you reach your goals? What has gone extremely well? Who exactly are your customers and what are they buying from you? (hint, it’s not your product or service, they’re buying what that DOES for them.)


This idea, originally coined in the best selling book, Psycho Cybernetics, is that your mind is a “servo-mechanism”. When you aim it, it will make the adjustments it needs to reach that desired destination.


Your goal isn’t to worry so much about how to get there, rather to focus on where there is… where is your goal? Then, much like a guided missile, you will continue to adjust your course to get to your target.


Therefore, your job is to focus. CHEERFULLY focus on having a crystal clear goal, a destination, a point in the future where you want to go and head towards.


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