This week I am sharing two favorite productivity apps, and a motivational quote that summarizes success.



TextExpander/ActiveWordsJim Carrey Typing

There is a great scene in the Jim Carrey movie, Bruce Almighty, where he’s playing God and typing at a super human rate.

We all interact with our computers using a keyboard and there are a lot of things you can do to help speed up your rate of typing.

Two of my favorite apps to help this – one for the Mac folks out there like me, and one for the PC folks (that I used to be).

First the Mac app is called TextExpander.



This great app allows you to type a short keyword or combination of letters and have it replace text with a text snippet.

For example, if I press the 2 keys “lf” on my keyboard, it pastes in the text below automatically:

“Look forward to hearing back from you.”

And once it is set up, it works in ANY software or application you are using.

I use it for pasting in different email signatures, my assistants’ emails, phone numbers, addresses, directions, common responses, and more.

The version for the PC is called ActiveWords.



When I was running the sales team at my software company, we actually had a shared database of ActiveWords snippets.

So, anytime you needed a snippet, about a competitor for example, you pressed the hotkey and… BANG! … out pasted a perfect text response about that competitor.

Both systems work great and will save you HOURS instead of typing the same things over and over. And it can save your team hours as well.

BTW, you can also use these types of apps on your phone as well. The Apple operating system has it built-in (just do a Google search) and I’m sure you can do it on Android and others too.

Definitely worth setting up and doing… it’s a big time saver!



This is a wonderful quote I just put on top of my newsletter this month. Don’t know where it came from or even who said it but I loved the message…

Its about making ideas HAPPEN

It really is all about the implementation of ideas. Heck, even mediocre ideas brilliantly executed can be successful.

So, with this idea of taking action in mind…



Yours In Success,

Henry Evans

Timezone Marketing

Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur