This is a nice visual, isn’t it?


I get lots of people coming up to me regularly and saying,

“Henry, I want to be successful. Help me out, show me the way.”

And I do.

I point our resources to investigate, marketing lists to sign-up on, specific tactics to employ and books to read.

But, many of them choose to do absolutely nothing… other people, not those like me and you.


Now understand that some people DO take action and see phenomenal results.  Those who are serious about success.

I can tell you as an absolute fact that whether they take action and achieve great results or not has nothing to do with the economy.
(I know many biz owners having their best year EVER… despite the gloom & doom)

It has nothing to do with the strategies I’m sharing… they work like gravity.
(in fact, I just helped a client get more new patients in JUNE than they have ever received before in any month).

OK, so what DOES it have to do with?

Well, it has to do with your MINDSET.

Oh no, not your mindset!

YOU don’t need any of that mind stuff.

YOU just want the marketing strategy.

YOU just want a new search engine technique.

YOU just want people to throw money at you.

Well, you know that you get all of the marketing strategies you need when you join us at our monthly meetings.

But, I don’t often delve into the depths of WHY some of us take action and why others don’t even after we learn the right marketing techniques.

It is critically important you understand that you are probably driving with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas towards your destination.

You may actually be self-sabotaging your efforts without even realizing it.

I was in that place.

See, just a few short years ago I wouldn’t be able to take the afternoon off to spend time with my wife on her birthday because of my limited vacation time. I would be stuck at my desk, looking longingly outside while my wife and kids went off to enjoy the afternoon.

What made the difference so I could leave the rat race?

I learned how to let go of my worry about money and turn on my wealth attraction.  It really wasn’t that hard but WOW, it has made a world of difference.

What I’ve discovered can help you WHEREVER you are today – whether you’re like some of our local members and already successful, or you’re still trying to leave the rat race yourself and make that breakthrough to financial freedom.

I want to help you release your brakes and show you the way.


By giving you specific strategies, exercises and tactics you can put you in place to start attracting more money, wealth and success now.

These aren’t funky or weird techniques but practical ones you will immediately grasp and understand.

This meeting could well be the most important event you attend for your own financial freedom and personal well-being all year.

You will discover concrete steps on how you can attract all of the money and success you ever dreamed about…

Make sure you attend by RSVP’ing here right now.

To Your Success,


Henry Evans