So after working hard until about 11pm the other night, I had one of those “I think I work too much” thoughts.  Not because I don’t like what I do, I love it and am extremely blessed but rather because I haven’t recently been putting the same amount of energy into having fun with my kids as I do my work.

We always try to spend a lot of time together on the weekends but lately I’ve been traveling a bit (the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference was 5 days in Dallas).

So, I decided to dig out something I clipped from Southwest Airlines 2 YEARS ago.  It was an article entitled “Kids Stuff, 63 Things To Do With Your Kids Before They Grow Up.”

So, I immediately TOOK ACTION, got a blank piece of paper and wrote on it “Fun Daddy Day Activities” and then I listed May, June, July, etc. through the end of the year.

One of my good friends, TomT, had told me about going ghost shrimp catching with his kids when they were younger.  I had thought about doing it for years but NOW was the time.  So, I put this piece of paper with our first activity on it, and blank spots for the rest of the year right up on my girls’ bedroom door.

When they got home from school, I said to go check their door and they scampered up as quickly as they could.  After 5 minutes of explaining what ghost shrimp were and what we were going to do Saturday morning, they were completely sold on the idea.

So, last weekend I took them Ghost Shrimp Catching – it was a blast – in fact, it was so much fun that I decided we would do at least 1, if not 2 new fun activities with them each month in 2010.

And the best part is I have a bunch of other ideas from this article, and I hope to get feedback from other parents on cool, unique and fun things we can do for future activities.

So the marketing lesson here is to TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY when you get an idea.  You’ll see in the video below that when I took immediate action the end-results was a perfect morning and an irreplaceable memory.