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This week I have a powerful example of a “who” strategy, something slick for recording audio, and powerful quote from another Henry…


Rolling Stones BE THE BIGGEST “WHO”

Get Some Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones just played a sold out show at Petco Park in San Diego to kick off their brand-new “Zip Code” tour.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any tickets.

Were you able to go?

Everything I’ve heard about the show sounds incredible.

What the Stones also did while they were here was play a private show at the Belly Up Tavern.

(nope, I didn’t get to attend that one either!)

A former HP executive reportedly paid them $3 million to entertain 300 of his closest friends.

Rolling Stones in San Diego

This is such a powerful example of being a big “who”.

The Stones were paid $33,333 a minute for a 90 minute show.

Were they paid that because they are the best musicians in the world?


OK, some might argue that 🙂


I imagine there are probably more talented musicians out there.

The Stones weren’t paid that huge fee more so for WHO they are.

Think about this…

Have you ever seen a celebrity who gets paid the big bucks just because they have a book or a TV show?

Dr. Phil is a great example because most therapists I’ve met think he doesn’t always offer the best advice.

Dr Phil

But, since he’s a very big WHO with his own TV show, he gets paid more from his celebrity status.

So… the great question to ask yourself is, “How do I elevate my status, credibility and authority?”

Doing so gives you the power to charge more, get more customers, make more and help more people with your product or service.


USB Audio Recorder

Had a meeting with one of my private clients yesterday. She pulled out a very small USB stick and clicked a little switch on it.

Then, she looked at it to verify it was working and placed it on the table between us.

“OK, I’m all ready” she then stated.

What she had put on the table is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen in a while…

It’s a self-contained USB stick with an audio recorder built-in.

No need to use your phone, no need to plug in cables on a MP3 recorder.

Just record and then plug the USB stick in your computer and wallah!

Instant recording.

Definitely something worth checking out if you want to make it even easier to record your meetings and ideas.



This is a wonderful quote from another Henry that was shared with me by our member Amy Barnhart… this is one worth printing and putting up on your computer monitor…

Henry David Thoreau


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