Well, it was a week ago today that we brought my youngest daughter (who just turned 7) into the Emergency Room at Children’s Hospital.
My youngest daughter had a tummy ache Thurs afternoon when I picked her up from school.
Bringing her home, she got sick that night several times.
Seeing that there were 2 other kids in her class who had just had the flu, we assumed it was the same thing.
Except Fri she was complaining that her stomach hurt.  And she wasn’t getting sick any more.
Again, we thought it was just the flu.
Then, Saturday morning she woke us up at 6am in even more pain.
This seemed like more than the flu…
We paged her doctor.
After a few minutes, he called us back and after pinpointing her pain on the lower-right of her abdomen, said to take her in to Children’s Hospital.
So we packed up and thank God there was no wait at Children’s at 6:30 Saturday morning so we got right in.
The doctor their concluded it was appendicitis and 49 pound Alexandra was scheduled for surgery that day.
The good news is that she made it through the surgery just fine.
The OK news is that her appendix had already ruptured so needed to keep a close eye on her and we ended up in the hospital for 5 long days.
Including Mother’s Day.
Nothing like seeing your helpless daughter lying in a hospital bed to put everything into perspective.
Thank God we got her there in time, that we have competent physicians who helped her, and that we have health nsurance — and friends and family praying for us!
We brought her home a couple of days ago.
Never have I ever felt so much relief and gratitude.
The fact that she is doing so much better, finally has an appetite again and color in her face is just magical.
And wow, have I heard stories of others who have gone through health issues!  One guy yesterday I saw at my office said he nearly died in New Guinea from a similar issue – he said to give major thanks you live here in
the US.
Thank God for helping her get better… and for the great doctors, surgeons and nurses who helped us get through it.


I’ll be sharing a very important lesson that I got from this entire ordeal at our Tues, May 17th meeting.


Thanks again for YOUR support.


Henry Evans