Have you seen the scene from the movie Facing The Giants where the football coach challenges one of his big lineman, Brock, to carry another player on his back?

The coach pushes him to go past the limits on what he has for himself.

Very inspiring during this first week of 2016!

Us entrepreneurs are very much like Brock in this scene.

We tend to set smaller goals, safer goals than what we’re really capable of.

We tend to sell ourselves short and shoot for our comfort zone.

That’s why we all need someone to push us to achieve our best.

And it’s one of the best reasons to have a good coach.

All the best athletes, businesspeople and students have a coach.

It’s how you dramatically improve your chances of taking your business, your income and your life to new heights.

One of the best decisions I made before I even went out on my own 8 years ago was to join a mastermind group and to get around other smart entrepreneurs. Nearly ALL of my best business ideas have come from being associated with others who are dedicated to helping me succeed in my mission and in life.

So, a question for you…

As you look back at 2015, are you 100% satisfied?

Do you want to ensure that 2016 is an even better year for you professionally and personally?

I invite you to check out my Mastermind and Private Coaching groups for 2016.

These groups exist for one reason… to help you succeed as an entrepreneur by giving you the tools, support, resources and accountability to expand your business.

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Being involved in Mastermind Groups and Coaching is the single best thing I ever did to help grow my business and it’s my strong desire to help it do the same for you as well.