Member Stories

Our San Diego Chapter Monthly Marketing Summit is only as good as those
members who join us, participate, and accelerate their businesses.

We are fortunate to have a very diverse, growing group of entrepreneurs
in San Diego who take action and get results, month after month.

We welcome you to join this group of high achievers by coming to our
next Monthly Marketing Summit. You can read more and RSVP by visiting this
– your first meeting is always free of charge!

Hear from some of our members who have all experienced phenomenal
growth in their businesses by clicking the videos below:

Amy Barnhart

Amy Barnhart

“Meeting Henry and joining Glazer-Kennedy San Diego  accelerated my business success. I know my business will succeed because of what I learn and what I do because of my Mastermind Membership and the GKIC Monthly Marketing Summits.”

—Amy Barnhart, Owner,

Steve Young with Expense Reduction Experts

Hi my name is Steve Young and I’m with a company called Expense Reduction Experts, and tonight was my first visit to the Glazer-Kennedy Group. I had a great time, I learned a lot and what was more impressive was the fact that I am now associating with people that I want to be like and that was really impressive. I’m finding that these people know a lot more than I do and I have always want to surround myself with people that know more than I do.”

Glazer-Kennedy San Diego Member Nita Gill

“Hi, I’m Nita Gill and my business is I’m a gold member of the Glazer-Kennedy insider circle and from what I’ve learned from Henry Evans and the other members of this group, I can now honestly say that I make money while I sleep. I just recently launched my first vegetable fruit carving DVD and I got some sales right away but what was really fun is that the next morning I woke up, I checked my email, there were orders that were waiting for me, there was money in my account and I’m thrilled. I feel like I’m well on my way to creating the successful web-based business that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I owe a lot of that to what I’ve learned here at the Glazer-Kennedy insider circle. Also, if you ever have the opportunity to have a private consultation with Henry Evans, I highly recommend it. It can be life-changing. It was for me.”


Amir Karkouti

Amir Karkouti

“If you are successful or in a rut, you NEED to come to these meetings PERIOD. The people and the ideas are PRICELESS.”

Amir Karkouti, Owner, Surf Brothers Teriyaki, Gold Luxury Chapter Member and Meeting Sponsor


In the current economy, times have never been tougher to sell residential real estate.
Until I came to the San Diego meetings, my business was the slowest that it had been in 15 years.  I was burned out on all the motivational, get hyped up type of meetings, programs and seminars that were filled with theory and no practical applications for making money now…..
But the few hours spent at the Hour A Day Entrepreneur (HDE) monthly meeting are filled with so many business building and make money now ideas that I kick myself for not going when I first heard about them!
Between all the ideas and the sincere help from the members, you will take away enough  practical immediate money making information that your business won’t only survive, but it will grow faster and you will actually enjoy your business more than ever!
I took one idea that I got from Henry, and now my residential real estate business is starting to crank again.


Thank you again Henry, for the great idea regarding the iPAD giveaway and assistance in helping me achieve my goals.  I have received 3 referrals since I sent the iPAD offer out!
Anyone who is looking for a lifeline to help their business, or grow it even more needs to come check out the Hour A Day Entrepreneur!

Wow, again many thanks to you Henry!

Brad Brinkman Real Estate

Brad Brinkman

Brad Brinkman Real Estate, Inc


Before and After Stories

Tell the story of how joining the Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy and leveraging Direct Response Marketing strategies has changed your business.

Before HDE Story: “Had a business idea for an information product selling a video system to dramatically improve marriages but wasn’t sure how to make it happen and was afraid to take action.”

After HDE Story: “I met Henry Evans in Dec 2009 and was inspired and encouraged. I hired a web developer and launched a site in May of 2010. I began getting revenue in July of 2010. I joined Henry’s mastermind group and that has super-charged my business. I am now generating in excess of $50,000/month and expect 2013 to be my first 7 figure year!  I learn a ton in every meeting and implement what I learn. I cherish the group and know that I will be successful because of what I apply.”

Amy Barnhart
Founder and CEO
Member Since December, 2009



Before HDE Story: “I was in the hands of so called advertising agents who promised me increased business. The only thing that increased was my expenses. I was losing money, didn’t have customer retention and I was on the brink of bankruptcy.

After HDE Story: “I took charge of my restaurant marketing, and got rid of ALL outside marketers. I created a loyalty program, created sequence letters, postcards and emails and built my customer date life. I increased my business so much I was able to open up two more restaurants. I see my 7th successful location because of direct response style marketing.

P.S. My marketing was so effective, I was featured on Mike Cappuzi’s Success webinar!!!”

Amir Karkouti
Surf Brothers
Member Since 2009


Before HDE Story: “When I came to Henry’s meeting, my business was circling the drain. I had even announced to my customer that we were closing our doors.

After HDE Story: “I was called by Henry Evans on a reactivation list. I showed up at the meeting a desperate business owner. At that meeting, one takeaway was to do just one thing you learn at the meeting and act upon it. That’s what I did. I started doing hand written thank you’s. Each month since I implemented something else I learn. 1 ½ years later, and we are having our best year ever. Now I have a growing brick and mortar game and puzzle store where we sell the fun of tabletop games to a very rabid and growing customer base.

Rob North
Pair a Dice Games
Member Since 2009


Before HDE Story: “Purchased website with 10k/mo in traffic, $20k per year passive income from Adsense and some subscription revenue. Had tried and not succeeded at various marketing ideas.

After HDE Story: “Launched a teleseminar series, added $1,400 to my revenue in 1 month during pilot (1 month)… and growing!

Elizabeth Pitt
Member Since June, 2010


Before HDE Story: “I started my own business making engagement rings wholesale for jewelry stores around San Diego. It was a natural transition after working as a diamond setter for another wholesale jeweler. I got friends referring retail clients and that’s when I saw an opportunity to make more money doing the exact same thing. This was the same exact time I came to my first HDE Meeting.

After HDE Story: “My main question was: “How do I get retail clients?” HDE helped to make this second business transition seamless. I made as much income in 4 months as I did the whole previous year simply by selling straight to the retail market – doing the exact same technical work and only charging them under retail prices while still making a profit. Thanks HDE!

Vanessa Nicole
Vanessa Nicole Jewels
Member Since 2010