Mastermind Groups

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

In this economy, you as an entrepreneur need all of the help that you can get.

If you try to do it all on your own (which most of us have tried) you may discover…

  • You never find time to focus ON your business instead of IN your business
  • You don’t have a model and a blueprint to follow
  • You may not make progress fast enough
  • You may find “analysis paralysis” taking hold
  • You may fall back into old habits
  • You may feel like nobody “understands” what you’re going through as an entrepreneur

By participating in one of my Timezone Marketing Mastermind Groups, you gain…

  1. Forced Focus: At each meeting, cell phones are off and you can focus.  You are in a protected place and environment with a group of people focused entirely  on “what can we do to improve your business.”
  2. A Capable, Trained Guide: Henry Evans, San Diego’s fearless marketing leader has been personally trained by Dan Kennedy and hangs out with world-class marketers to bring the best techniques to YOU every month. This leads you along an organized, proven path to improvement.
  3. High Value Curriculum: A series of EXCLUSIVELY PREPARED  presentations each month, supported by hand-outs, examples and selected reference material that is condensed, concise, and designed for immediate, practical application.
  4. Coaching: Every top performer uses “coaches,” from world-class athletes to Fortune 500 CEO’s and entrepreneurs.  You will be tapping in to this same exact power in a Mastermind Group.
  5. Group Reinforcement: Any time you attempt change in your business, you’re bound to encounter skepticism, resistance and procrastination from others around you – friends and family alike.  Now, you can finally have a group of like-minded, progressive business owners that are SUPPORTIVE and SUCCESSFULLY APPLYING the same ideas you are studying.

We current have multiple Mastermind Groups, composed of successful business owners in a variety of industries, that are completely full. However, spots do occasionally open up and you are encouraged to request a free Information Package to get on the no-obligation interest list if this sounds exciting to you.

Meetings are usually held weekdays, either daytime or evening, with a working lunch or dinner included. We always meet in a professional, quiet location with whiteboards, new markers, and a high-quality LCD display for sharing.

If you are ready and committed to taking your business to the next level, you can request a no-obligation Mastermind information package from Henry Evans by clicking here.

There is no obligation to learn more about the single best thing you can do to grow your business, joining a Mastermind Group.

Don’t take my word for it, hear about the incredible results you can achieve by watching the stories of a few Timezone Marketing Mastermind Members below.

Henry Evans is a very powerful business coach.

He knows so much about online marketing, but also about list building, business building in general, how to navigate partnerships, and how to be a successful entrepreneur.

He has the right mindset and attitude and teaches people by example.

Moreover,  I’ve always felt his support and encouragement. His generous in spirit and he has given me much needed confidence as well as a very clear sense of direction forward.

Count yourself as super fortunate if you have the opportunity to work with him. 

All my best,

Margaret SmithMargaret Smith, PhD, CFP

Certified Integral Coach, Certified Enneagram Teacher

Author, “Money: From Fear to Love – Using the Enneagram to Create Wealth, Prosperity, and Love”