How One Action Turned A Business Around

Five Days to Getting More Customers
– with Henry Evans Day 2

“How One Action Turned A Business Around”

Henry here, author of ‘The Hour A Day Entrepreneur’ and welcome to the Hour A Day Family.

Rob is a member of mine who had problems in his business.

In fact, his gaming store was doing so poorly that he had announced that he was closing his doors and closing.

When he came to me as he says, “I was a desperate business owner.”

My challenge to him is the same thing that I say to everyone.

Just pick ONE proactive thing and actually DO IT.

When you do that, and you actually get it done, it begins to snowball into more and more activity and more and more results.

If you’re anything like me, you have a pile of things that you want to get done that you’ve already started.

But the idea here is to pick just ONE thing and get it completely done.



Not ½ way done, not started. Not “almost” done but completely done.

Want to know what Rob did to turn it around and since that time a few short years ago expanded twice?

It was simple, he decided to write hand-written thank you notes to all of his best customers.

And he put a system into place which said that all NEW customers would also get a hand-written thank you note.

He got such great results from taking this one action that he did something else the next month. Nothing major, just concerted effort each month and he turned his business around.

Now he has one of the most successful gaming stores in the entire country!

And it all started from completing one action.

This is just one of the many tricks I’ve found that help you get more done and get more customers. (of course, you can get all 27 new, great ways to get more customers inside of my Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy).

Don’t overcomplicate this.

Most people end up spending time on things that just don’t provide a good ROI (return on their investment).

Pick 1 project and see it through…

Tomorrow’s tip is called:

“A Marketing Lesson From Zappos and Amazon”

Talk to you then.

Warmest Regards,

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