The ONE Thing that Will Help You Beat The Odds And Have A Successful Small Business

Five Days to Getting More Customers
– with Henry Evans Day 1

“The ONE Thing that Will Help You Beat The Odds And Have A Successful Small Business”

Henry here, author of ‘The Hour A Day Entrepreneur’ and welcome to the Hour A Day Family.

My goal is to show you that yes, you can have…

  • A business that works on autopilot
  • A business that works FOR YOU (no slavery here)
  • Less stress wondering about where your future customers are going to come from

It’s funny because as I look back, I realize that I often times focused on the WRONG things in my business. (hmm, should I pick this logo on that business card or this logo on those business cards)

Problem is…

If you don’t focus on the right thing, then operating a small business can be very unpleasant.

And very costly.

96% of all small businesses in the US fail within 10 years.

And a very disappointing number is that more than 200,000 small businesses closed over the past 2 years along with 3 million jobs, according to U.S. Census figures.

The risk can be greatly reduced if you focus on one core item…

Getting More Customers

And that means NOT having just one great source of customers.

It doesn’t mean relying exclusively on referrals.

What is does mean is to make your main focus every single day that you are working the attraction of a steady flow of new customers.

Primarily this comes from focus on the MARKETING of your business.

Because when you do that, everything becomes easier.

You are able to have the revenue to hire the people you need.
You can work less hours.
You can afford new automation technology.
You can expand.
You can take a vacation.

Business and life become easier… and more fun.

A Valuable Little Piece Of Valuable Information For You

Here’s a little mental trick to help you get more customers.

Imagine that you have a countdown timer on your desk and when you go to work, you’re going to play a game.

(if you want to play along, you can use your smartphone or a kitchen timer)

The game is called “new customer time”.

Set your timer to 60 minutes and turn off all distractions (no phone, no email, no internet surfing, no interruptions from staff or family, etc.).

Then you do nothing but focus on ways you can get more new customers for a full hour and physically write it down on a legal pad.

I promise if you do this, you will come up with some killer ideas.

The next step is about taking action and I’ll give you a favorite of mine in tomorrow’s installment called:

“How One Action Turned A Business Around”

If there’s anything I can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs just like you find time and financial freedom and I genuinely want to help you.

Warmest Regards,

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Henry Evans
President, Timezone Marketing
Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

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