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What is the Hour a Day Entrepreneur book all about?

Henry Evans wrote this book (a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!) to keep the dream of entrepreneurship alive and well for anyone. In fact, a few key shortcuts given in an “Hour A Day” blueprint format can lead to big changes in your family’s quality of life. This powerful resource covers real-world lessons learned in the trenches so that you can get more done while working less. Receive a free copy of your book here.


What is the Hour a Day Entrepreneur Academy?

The Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy is an online training program designed with one thing in mind… to make you a more successful entrepreneur. Whether you already have a thriving business and are looking to take it to the next level, or if you have an idea and want to see the best way to take it profitably to market.

The Academy is open for new registrations and you can get signed up today.

Existing Hour A Day Entrepreneur Academy members can securely login here.


What results can I expect from the Hour a Day Entrepreneur Academy?

This is a complete entrepreneurial success training system – easy to follow, template driven, and results-focused. Henry Evans has been involved in sales and marketing for nearly 30 years, helping business owners just like you realize the power of having a proven marketing plan, strategy and system in place.

All because you set up marketing systems that work on your behalf, even when you’re not working.

What you need is a Systematic marketing plan:

  • That creates and establishes you as unique in the marketplace
  • That specifies exactly who you need to be attracting to your business (your ideal Avatar)
  • Automated systems to CONVERT these ideal leads to prospects
  • Conversion systems to CONVERT these prospects to buyers (with you doing as little work yourself as possible)
  • A formalized referral plan where you actively track, manage and encourage referrals from your existing customers
  • And the proper MINDSET so that you are attracting all of this to you… instead of repelling it away from you.


Are there any free Hour a Day resources I can start with to see if it will work for me?

One of the best things you can do for your own business is this: make sure that you have irresistible offers for people to do business with you. And still to this day, one of the most compelling offers is FREE ____ . This gets people excited and wanting to do business with you.  So, here are the free resources I put together to help you grow your current business, or get started on the road to entrepreneurship:

Top 5 Online Resources for Entrepreneurial Success
How to Work Faster, Leverage Your Time, and Stay Motivated
Secret “Best Practices” Technique to Maintain Balance & Find Peace of Mind
Your Copy of My PERSONAL DAILY CHECKLIST – Refined Over 20 Years
The “Double Your Time Back Secret” I use nearly every day

Reach out to us via email to receive these free resources.


What kinds of businesses are helped by the Hour a Day method?

I have personally helped hundredsc of different businesses including:

  • Dryer vent cleaning services
  • Real estate professionals
  • Doctors and medical experts
  • Software and hardware companies
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Online marketers
  • Info-marketing publishers
  • Health store owners
  • Pilates studio owners
  • Karate school owners
  • Tutoring service owners
  • Car detailing services
  • Sports collectible business
  • Legal professionals
  • Survival school owners
  • Quilting companies
  • Seminar business owners
    • and a whole lot more!


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