August 2012 RSVP

If you answered “YES”… Join Us August 21st in San Diego and …

Discover The 7 Step Formula For Writing
Ads That Really Work — And Make You Money

Get out of the summer HEAT of August and join us for a chillingly good time when we teach you exactly how to write advertisements that really pull… and that make you money.

We will be showing you:
  • The Secret To Successful AdsThat Nearly Everyone Misses (Including Most Ad Pros)
  • Proven Headline Formulas You Can Plug and Play
  • Risk Reversal Techniques You Have To Have To Maximize Response
  • How to Have a USP That Shines Through In Your Ad
  • Exactly How To Properly Do A 2-Step Ad (And Why Its Essential for Nearly Every Business)
Learn all of this and more when you venture out in the summer heat of San Diego to join us.

SPECIAL NOTE: We Will Also Be Doing A Meeting-Wide Competition
To See Which Group Can Write The Best Ad Of The Day!

Figuring out how to craft ads that really work is a SKILL.

And it can be learned…

And more importantly… It can be COPIED … very quickly. IF and ONLY IF you know what are the key elements to look at.

We’ll show you the templates that work and teach you how to use them.

The tips you will pick up during this meeting could literally mean the difference between having your business succeed or fail.

Do NOT Miss This Meeting!

YOUR GUARANTEE: This meeting can and should be easily be worth 10′s of 1000′s of dollars to you and your business. If its not, I will cheerfully donate $50 to your favorite charity.

And you can still eat our fantastic food from Member and Outstanding Private Chef Veronica Wheat… and enjoy the great networking.

Some People Think Its Better To “Figure It All Out On Their Own”

That it is almost CHEATING to get the help of really smart people to solve their business and life challenges.But, guess what?



The choice is yours.

But I can tell you that there isn’t a place you’ll find more smart marketers who actually CARE about each other than at our Monthly Marketing Summits.

Don’t take my word for it – see for yourself, RSVP NOW:

Our Next Meeting Is August 21st From 5:30pm-9pm

(Dinner From 5:30-6:00pm)


There is no other place you can be this month where you will HAVE MORE FUN, get more valuable information, knowledge and strategies than you will at August’s Event.

Yours In Success,

Henry Evans
President, Timezone Marketing
Author, “The Hour A Day Entrepreneur”

10 Smart Reasons Why YOU Should Join Our Timezone Marketing GKIC Group:

chk Unleash the power of masterminding and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs giving you the ability to think, test, and grow as much in 1 year as you have in the last 10.

chk Attitude! In our group, you will have the opportunity to see the principles which guide my own business modeled so that you can apply them directly to your business. Plus, we will be sure that you know exactly how to write and recognize “excellent copy that gets RESULTS”.

chk Discover the 5 ways to Maximize Your Productivity get more hours out of your day. Leave work at 1 p.m. having done more than you ever did by leaving work at 5 p.m.

chk Unlock the keys to truly building your business around your life. Make yourself the boss over your business instead of the other way around.

chk Learn how to use PROVEN Magnetic Marketing Techniques to build a steady-stream of customers who are ready, willing, and able to pay you more for the privilege of doing business on YOUR terms.

chk Hear new “Real-World-Tested” business ideas from the group… all being used day-in and day-out in the trenches of the marketplace. I have personally engineered a 7 figure product launch and an over $189,000 payday in a 2-hour presentation. We have many extremely successful entrepreneurs in our group that you will be rubbing shoulders with when you come. Share in Business Building Principles as well as hear the success of other members.

chk Discover how to quickly and easily leverage the Power of Systems to multiply your business productiveness without adding one employee or more overhead.

chk Experience the power of marketing consultation from the sharpest direct response marketing minds in San Diego. Bring your own ads, sales letters, and marketing plans and have them critiqued by fellow members.

chk Learn the secret to never, ever missing a deadline again by tapping into a Proven-System for Accountability and Mentoring.

chk Finally… we are the ONLY GROUP in San Diego to be Officially Certified by GKIC. Each month, we will talk about lessons they are sharing from the front lines which provide a great springboard to your business and personal success.

chk Of course, much, much, more.