henryEntrepreneur, geek, marketer, sales-guru, teacher, husband and father to two wonderful girls, Henry Evans has been involved in getting results with sales and marketing for over 20 years.

Henry grew up in Youngstown, New York (population 1,872) where he learned how to program a Radio Shack Color Computer at age 8.  He was the first student in his entire school district to do a report printed on a home PC in the 5th grade (after his cat erased it and made him start over).  He began his sales and marketing training “on the streets” selling the “Buffalo Evening News” at age 14.

He has been successful on the front lines and in leadership capacities in software companies, hardware companies, commercial real estate firms, and manufacturing organizations.  He’s successfully sold everything from newspapers to office buildings, kitchen remodeling to enterprise software licenses and even Cutco Cutlery (yep, kitchen knives!).

Henry has been able to excel in all of these due to a unique combination of sales and marketing savvy, technological aptitude and a “make it happen” attitude.

He has had responsibility for generating over $15,000,000 in sales and has engineered a $189,000 payday in 90 minutes.  His experience spans from the heart of Washington, D.C., successfully working with clients such as the US Department of Labor and Executive Office of the President of the United States, down to working with a local Steakhouse on re-vamping their marketing campaign.

Henry Cowboy Last Day at Corporate JobHenry graduated from the University of Iowa in the 90’s and graduated from Corporate America to an entrepreneur on Halloween, 2008.

This picture on the left is Henry dressing up as a cowboy in his office on his last official day of work (yes, it was Halloween and YES, that is a real prop gun 🙂

He is involved in the Board of Directors of the local YMCA, and freely gives time and energy to help small business owners throughout the world achieve entrepreneurial freedom.

Henry’s passion is improving things and making them better.

He is a life-long learner, a huge believer in continual self-improvement and counts Dan Kennedy, Paul J. Meyer, his wife and God as the biggest influences on his life. Henry currently manages and runs 4 different businesses, has created over 15 web sites and taken more than 10 products to market.


I’m lucky enough to be the only guy in my family! My wife and my 2 lovely girls up at Disney (California Adventure actually) which is 1 hour from San Diego!


Henry Evans
President, Timezone Marketing
Author, The Hour A Day Entrepreneur